ABRISHAM SHOMAL CARPET CO. By Brand SCHONHERR CARPET , From 1970 until 1989 the company has been active in the field of Fluffy carpet From 1989 until today is active in the production of carpet .
Our company has 8 machines Shonhar , All of which are modern .
Our quality and texture is sample A .

We manufacture high quality machine made Acrylic carpets with technical specifications below :

Reeds: 1000     Density  3000        8 colours
Reeds: 700       Density  3000        8 colours and 10 colours
Reeds: 700       Density  2600        8 colours
Reeds: 700       Density  1500        8 colours





: The company has licenses for the production of carpet is as follows
National standard certificate ( showing the quality of goods ) for all products
Certificate 2008: ISO 9001 from TUV International Quality Management
Obtain a sample of employer
.Exporter of four consecutive years